About Vita Heaven


Veteran anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Burke provides a variety of services at Las Vegas based Vita Heaven, a premiere vitamin, nutrition, and wellness center. A perfect complement to its beloved sister company Hangover Heaven®, Vita Heaven specializes in fueling the body, increasing efficiency, and enhancing overall performance.  The health and wellness outcomes at Vita Heaven are achieved through prescription medicines paired with specially formulated IV therapies, injections and supplements.

Our customized services include:

Burke’s Cocktails (IV Therapy)

Vitamin Injections

Male Hormone Therapy

Health and Wellness Plans

Treatments are fast, comfortable, safe and proven to render great results.

Dr. Burke leads a talented staff of trained and licensed medical professionals who look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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Dr. Burke At A Glance

Undergraduate degree – Bachelor of Arts, University of North Carolina 1992

Medical Degree – Doctor of Medicine, University of North Carolina 1996

Internship – Family Medicine, Duke University 1997

Residency – Anesthesiology, Duke University 2001

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